Roofing Repairs & Architectural Roofing in Wichita, Kansas

Grab your customers' attention with our elegant architectural roofing services. Martin Roofing Co, Inc., from Wichita, Kansas, offers professional roofing repairs for your business.

Low-Slope Roofing

Let our team of experts install one of these following products to help prevent damage from harsh
weather conditions. We specialize in low-slope roofing services, and offer TPO, modified, and EPDM roofing options.

TPO is a reinforced single-ply membrane material that is used for commercial buildings and large businesses.  It is available in 10ft. by 100ft. wide sheets to minimize seams and labor. This material is offered in white, tan, and grey and is assembled with hot air to weld the products in addition to a line of peal and stick accessories.  

 Modified is an asphalt-based system.  This system usualy comes in a three ply system accompanied with a base sheet and a cap shett.This feature produces extra durability and is mainly used for schools and churches.

EPDM is a  single-ply sheet with widths and sizes comperable to TPO products. This system is offered in either black or white.  These products use methods including tapes and adhesives to bond seams and penetrations. 

Metal Sheet, Architectural Roofing in Wichita, KS

Architectural roofing

Create a different aesthetic look and feel to your roof with our architectural roofing. Also known as standing-seam services, we install this metal roofing to give your building a fancier and more artistic look. We have a variety of roofing, siding, and sheet metal for you to choose from.

Roofing Repair

Don't let roof damage and leaks slow your business down. Save time and money by using our quick and affordable roof repair services. Let our experienced technicians inspect and maintain your property's roof.

Request a service from us in Wichita, Kansas, and receive professional roofing repairs and architectural roofing services for your business.